Margallo pone la transición española como modelo para lograr la paz en Siria

Un modelo de transición como el español podría ser una de las claves para desbloquear la situación en Siria y lograr la estabilidad, según recomendó hoy en Viena el ministro de Asuntos Exteriores de España, José Manuel García-Margallo.
«Abrir un período de transición, un Gobierno de concentración nacional, que acabe en unas elecciones y permita una estabilidad en Siria», señaló García-Margallo, que participó en la apertura del V Foro de la Alianza de las Civilizaciones.

El ministro definió, en declaraciones a Efe, este proceso como «algo muy parecido a lo que fue la transición española de 1977».

Margallo recordó que ni una solución militar ni una en el marco de la ONU, debido al veto de China y Rusia, parecen posibles en Siria, por lo que consideró que la única salida es un diálogo entre la oposición y elementos dentro del propio régimen.

Según el responsable de la diplomacia española, esa opción exige, por un lado, que la oposición se una y expulse a los elementos extremistas y, por otro, encontrar interlocutores en la minoría alauí que controla actualmente el país.
Margallo aseguró que el presidente sirio, Bashar al Asad, está excluido claramente de ese proceso «por su comportamiento».

Según el ministro, esa salida política debe dar cabida a todas las minorías étnicas y religiosas del país árabe.

Pese a reconocer que la Alianza de las Civilizaciones aún tiene mucho por hacer, Margallo aseguró que esta iniciativa, impulsada por España y Turquía hace cinco años, forma parte del arsenal de la política exterior española.

En este sentido, señaló que España es uno de los pocos países europeos que tiene una política claramente definida hacia el mundo árabe.

La Unión para el Mediterráneo, el apoyo a la política de vecindad sur de la UE, la participación en la iniciativa de Amigos de Siria, y su implicación en resolver el conflicto de Mali, fueron algunos de los ejemplos de ese esfuerzo por mantener la paz en el mundo musulmán, recordó el ministro.

Respecto a Mali, Margalló recordó que es un conflicto muy cercano geográficamente a España y apostó por un acuerdo político que pase por institucionalizar un Gobierno en el sur y por integrar a las poblaciones del norte, que se han sentido discriminadas política y económicamente.

Durante su estancia en Viena, el ministro español se reunió con el secretario general de Naciones Unidas, Ban Ki-moon, que estuvo también presente en la apertura de este quinto Foro de la Alianza de las Civilizaciones.

FUENTE: QUE/EFE, 27 de febrero de 2013

Senator John McCain meeting with FSA in Syria in May 2013.

(image by CNN Cable News Netwoork)
General News 2/15/2015 at 08:54:23
Free Syrian Army Sold Kayla Mueller to ISIS
By Steven Sahiounie (about the author) Permalink Kayla Mueller lived a life full of devotion, helping others. Her passion for humanitarian ideals led her to Turkey. I believe that decision to go to Turkey is responsible for her death at the hands of Radical Islamic terrorists.
The Turkish government has been sponsoring Radical Islamic terrorists since 2011. They have given them free transportation, food, weapons and support of every type. This has been a Turkish domestic and foreign policy since 2011. President Erdogan is directly responsible for this radicalization of Turkey.
The citizens of Turkey do not necessarily agree or support this policy. Some are making huge fortunes off of the radical Islamic terrorists all along the Syrian border, but most Turkish citizens are Muslims who have long held secular political views. AtaTurk, the father of post-Ottoman Turkey, molded Turkish society into a strictly secular state: forward looking, and western gazing.
Kayla Mueller arrived in the largest city in Syria, Aleppo, in August 2013. Aleppo and its residents had resisted the Syrian revolution which began in spring 2011.
The residents of Aleppo were hard working business people, who were deeply religious and conservative. They did not participate in the revolution and they believed it would pass them by if they could remain steadfastly working and unresponsive to the radical Islamic ideology which the revolutionaries were espousing.
The typical Alleppean felt the revolution was not their idea, and they had no interest or benefit from it.
But the Free Syrian Army entered and attacked the residents of Aleppo.
The refugees of Aleppo have told me repeatedly the same story. They say they went to bed one night, and woke up the next day to armed gangs of revolutionaries of the Free Syrian Army, who were demanding food, money, women, and cars and demanding residents leave their homes, so that the FSA could use them as a battlefield against the Syrian Arab Army, who were defending the civilians.
The residents of Aleppo have told of torture, rape, theft, abuse and murder at the hands of the FSA. I have asked the same question repeatedly, of the 2,600 families of Aleppo who sleep in tents in Latakia, «Who made you leave your home in Aleppo?» In every case, they answered, «The Free Syrian Army».
This was the situation in Aleppo when Kayla Mueller arrived in August 2013.
By that date, at least 1 million Aleppo residents had left. Most went to Syrian government controlled areas, such as Latakia province, which was safe and secure. Many rented houses or beach cottages, and some slept in free tents supplied by the Syrian government near the beach in North Latakia.
Some did go to Turkey, perhaps they felt safer there, perhaps they already had friends or relatives there, and perhaps they had heard false claims of Turkish government payments and benefits to Syrian refugees.
«Doctors Without Borders» had no facilities in government controlled areas in Syria. The Syrian government provides free medical care at its state run hospitals, clinics and specialty centers throughout Syria.
Because Aleppo was under attack and partially occupied by the Free Syrian Army in August 2013, Kayla Mueller slept one night at a facility being used by «Doctors Without Borders» in the FSA controlled part of Aleppo. The facility that Kayla slept at that night was treating injured FSA fighters. The place she slept at in Aleppo was also treating the families of the FSA fighters.
When Kayla left the medical facility being used by «DWB», she was kidnapped by the Free Syrian Army. She was never in the hands of the group called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
The FSA kidnapped her from their own area, the area they were in sole control of in August 2013.
I have established the fact that Kayla was kidnapped by the FSA, and they had the sole opportunity to kidnap her. It is a fact that Syrian civilians never had access to weapons. The only people who had weapons prior to spring 2011 were the police, army and security forces. However, once the Syrian revolution began, the weapons came pouring in from Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. The FSA had access to the best weapons, all supplied by the United States of America, their payroll checks coming to them from the King of Saudi Arabia.
However, as much money as you give the typical FSA fighter, he just wants more and more. This is why the FSA have repeatedly kidnapped wealthy people and demanded ransom for their release.
This has become a well documented side income for FSA. It has been proven that the FSA sold other western kidnap victims to ISIS.
The motivation of the FSA in selling Kayla Mueller to ISIS had nothing to do with Radical Islam, or their hatred of USA, even though USA is their sponsor in Syria, it only was about money. Money makes the world go around, and FSA greed is what killed Kayla Mueller, among others.
Jurgen Todenhofer, the German journalist who lived with ISIS recently in Iraq and Syria, said they had all the best weapons, and ISIS told him they buy all their weapons from the FSA. American taxpayers have sent their hard earned dollars to the FSA through numerous acts passed in the US Congress; most were championed by Sen. John McCain, Republican of Arizona. When Kayla was kidnapped, her parents contacted officials in Arizona, her home area, and they contacted Sen. John McCain.
Sen. John McCain personally met with FSA commanders near Aleppo in May 2013. He was there to find out what weapons, supplies and support they needed from the USA.
Sen. John McCain traveled into and out of Syria illegally from Turkey.
He used the same route and FSA controlled network that Kayla Mueller used to enter Syria just a few months after Sen. McCain.
When Sen. McCain returned to Washington, DC, he lobbied his colleagues on Capitol Hill to pass an act which would send weapons and support to FSA.
Those weapons were received by FSA in the last week of August 2013 and the first week of September 2013.
Later, those weapons were all handed over to the terrorists of Jibhat Al Nusra.
The FSA claimed they had been stolen, and asked Congress for more. However, we now know that FSA has a long history of selling anything of value to other terrorist groups, including selling western hostages to ISIS.

On August 13, 2013 the FSA entered a village named Ballouta. This was 10 days after Kayla Mueller was kidnapped in Aleppo. The FSA massacred 220 unarmed civilians sleeping in their own homes. They slaughtered whole families for no military benefit. They killed those 220 persons only because they were not Sunni Muslims. They cut open one woman’s pregnant stomach and hung the fetus in the trees.
They kidnapped 100 small children and took them to Selma, Syria on the Turkish border.
They were kept under ground for 9 months, until 44 of the 100 were released in May 2014 in a deal made by the FSA, as part of the deal to free the terrorists inside the Old City section of Homs.
The FSA filmed a video in Selma, using those kidnapped children of Ballouta. They arranged the children in rows on the floor and sent the video to a supporter in Damascus, who then received it and uploaded it to YouTube on August 23, 2013. This was the famous video watched around the world, claiming that thousands of civilians had been gassed with Sarin in East Ghouta. This caused President Barack Obama to threaten Syria with 60 days of continuous military attack by American forces by land, sea and air.
Once he was informed the Sarin gas did not come from the Syrian military, he rescinded his plan of attack. Later, the UN investigation failed to confirm the claims made by the FSA and their supporters.
The families of the kidnapped children of Ballouta had recognized their faces in the famous video shown around the world. It has been said: you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time.
Senator John McCain, of Kayla’s home state of Arizona, knew full well who the FSA were.
The CIA had given the FSA phones for the purpose of monitoring their calls, to be able to check and double check their level of Islamic Radical ideology.
The CIA agents refused to give them all the weapons and ammunition they asked for, and used this as a tool to get the FSA to become secular, to drop the sectarian massacres, and to concentrate on overthrowing the Syrian government.
But, time and again, they would tell the CIA agents they were secular, but their actions and telephone conversations proved to the CIA agents otherwise.
After years of failures, the FSA blame the CIA, and USA in general, for failing to support them fully with enough weapons and ammunition.
Knowing who killed Kayla does not make the pain any less for her family. The Free Syrian Army is not a moderate, secular revolutionary group. They have been Radical Islamic terrorists from the beginning. The names of their various brigades show their goals and ideology. Syria is home to 18 different sects, yet the FSA are made up from one group only. They are an exclusive, sectarian group. They have consistently killed, raped and maimed Christians and other non-Sunni Muslims, even to the extent of eating raw human flesh of their victims. These are the fighters that USA supports and sponsors, and the same group who sold Kayla Mueller to her death.