Visit by His Majesty the King of Spain, Felipe VI, to NATO

His Majesty the King of Spain will pay an official visit to NATO Headquarters on Wednesday, 21 November 2018.

Programme of the visit

08:00 Arrival of Media – NATO HQ South Gate, Boulevard Leopold III, 1110 Brussels

09:20 Last possibility to arrive at Media position

09:40 NATO Headquarters. Main entrance. Arrival of His Majesty the King of Spain
Welcome Handshake by the NATO Secretary General
Very Restricted Pool (2 Official photogs + 2 agency still photogs).

09:45 Wreath-laying ceremony with His Majesty the King of Spain
Open coverage for visual & print media. No press statement. Live webstream.

10:00 Meeting of the North Atlantic Council with His Majesty the King of Spain.Coverage by pool of visual media only. (Pool cards distribution at 9h20 at media position;
No tripods allowed, no sound feed; TV lights provided; Video footage web-streamed live online, on closed-circuit tv to media work room and available in broadcast quality)

Photos and b-roll video footage will be uploaded on the NATO website after the event.