«Los primeros de Filipinas» (The first Spaniards to reach the Philippines)

La Diputación Provincial de Málaga imprimirá el tebeo.


El tebeo, ya publicado en español, servirá para que los jóvenes españoles conozcan una página gloriosa de la historia de España y al mismo tiempo profundicen en su formación bilingüe:

Dear friend,
You have just read the fascinating story of some Spaniards, some of them from Malaga, who crossed the oceans to reach the Philippines.
As you have read, the Philippines was given its name by Ruy Lopez de Villalobos, a native of Malaga and one of the great discoverers of the Pacific Ocean in the XVI century. He died far-away from Spain.
The lesson we must learn from those sailors and soldiers is that with perseverance and sacrifice there is no obstacle that cannot be surpassed. The life that you will go through is filled with difficulties but if you arm yourself with the spirit of resilience of those Spaniards, rest assured that you will succeed.
Basques, Galicians, Andalucians, Catalans and people from all over Spain united to travel around the world and arrive where no European had been.
Let us learn from it.
Warm regards
Elias Bendodo Benasayag, President of the Provincial Government of Malaga
Foro para la Paz en el Mediterrámeo

Los primeros de Filipinas. The first Spaniards to reach the Philippines